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2023 FVC家庭渡假營 營會資訊

2023 營會主題


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語音信箱: 408-659-0119






不虛此行 ~  


這個渡假營, 歷經 29 屆, 灌溉滋潤了許多的家庭關係, 在營會討論分享後, 才驚訝的發現,每個家庭都面對著不同層面的問題, 參加完渡假營之後, 在生活及夫妻/親子關係上, 都有了非常不同的體認及改變。透過 ”家新” 所安排的各式主題, 講員, 活動, 及青少年,孩童們的節目, 5 天4夜的營會生活, 大人們情意變濃, 小孩們興緻勃勃。我們計畫每年都要去充電, 真的很棒, 獲益良多哦! 這實在是感恩節全家渡假的首選, 你一定不要錯過, 我們相邀一起去吧!也歡迎三代同堂參加。

* 備有嬰孩照顧﹐兒童,  及青少年活動

2023 講員 Speakers

Pastor Chi Family.jpeg



2012年 和夫人李如珍區牧及兩個孩子從台中搬至高雄一起參與高雄旌旗教會的建造。





葛博士 畢業於美國Biola University 臨床心理學博士, Fuller Theological Seminary婚姻與家庭治療碩士. 葛琳卡博士從事心理治療超過二十年,致力推廣社區情緒健康,服侍有情緒困擾的朋友,她創辦心悅坊心理中心現任臨床主管,也創辦非牟利機構 「拉法基金會」兼出任義務總幹事,並且提供專業輔導/治療的資助及推廣一系列的情緒心靈健康課程。


葛博士擅長於心理測試﹔個人、婚姻及家庭治療。她廣泛地服務那些受抑鬱 、焦慮、分離、婚姻衝突、家庭問題、家庭和解及信仰問題所困擾之兒童、青少年及成人.


葛博士亦曾任「學前教育」及「天倫樂」雜誌社之專欄作家,擔任荷花集團出版之「幫孩子改掉壞習慣80問」的專家審校,也曾撰寫同性戀的議題的文章、及撰寫了多本對情緒的著作: 包括《情緒四重奏:同行生命中的憂怒哀樂》、《生命更新的醫治》。

2023 Youth Program Speaker and Coordinators


Youth Speaker: Stephen Leckenby 

Stephen Leckenby serves as Director of Giant Cow Ministries, an organization that has served young people across North America with the message that Jesus can be a best friend who will never leave us, condemn us, or forsake us. He and his wife Carissa live in Mukilteo, Washington, just north of Seattle with their three children. The Leckenbys are enthusiastic members and participants at Sonrise Christian Center in Everett, WA.

Stephen and the Giant Cow Team have been touring all across North America since 2004 and have ministered to tens of thousands of families. Often asked where the name came from, Stephen explained, “It was really just a creative moment that captured big fun. But we soon saw a deeper meaning, that of teaching young people the milk and the meat of God’s Word.


Youth Coordinator: Bryan Chen 

Bryan is the financial officer for a few businesses he owns. He also coaches basketball at the King’s Academy. His passions expand to music and public speaking and has spoken to groups as large as 6,000. Born in Taiwan, he spent 5 years in Costa Rica before immigrating to America. At his leisure, he consumes inordinate amounts of media with no shame. From podcasts to audio books, to hilarious YouTube videos, he stays at the forefront of every political commentary as well as pop culture memes.  

Bryan is serving the youth ministry for his 11th year at FVC 2023. Bryan has a heart for the youth and a desire to see young men and women worship the Lord with all their heart.


Youth Coordinator: Edgar Soltero-Flores

Edgar is a construction project manager for commercial projects in the South Bay Area. He is passionate about caring for local members in his community, often volunteering at informal gatherings to care for someone, or joining formally with City Team, SAM Camp, and CFFC. This year will be Edgar's 5th time serving at CFFC-FVC camp.

During his off time, Edgar researchers bible development, church history, and dialogues with people about faith and service. Difficulties he has faced are losing his mom in 2023, growing up in a divorced household from ages 4-11, and managing two cultures (Mexican-American) while considering the right use of money and time. Edgar grew up in San Jose, went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and now lives in Fremont. He and his wife are focused on building up the next generation of young people for Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

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